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Cryptotelegraph is fast becoming a leading global resource tool for anyone interested in the latest news and reviews surrounding the crypto market, making the Cryptotelegraph a fantastic place to publish and announce any new developments relating to the cryptocurrency or blockchain sector.

By featuring your press release(s) on the Cryptotelegraph website, it will instantly gain visibility and exposure across our platform, encouraging other media publications, news sources and internet search engines to pick up your press release and republish it to a wider audience.

For just $2,500 you can share your press release with Cryptotelegraph’s growing global audience.

Submitting Your Press Release is as Easy as 1.. 2.. 3..

1. Send a payment of $2,500 using BTC or ETH (addresses listed below).

2. Make a note of your BTC (or) ETH Transaction ID as this will be required to verify your Press Release.

3. Complete the Press Release form below and remember to include your BTC (or) ETH ‘Transaction ID’ to enable us to verify your press release / match it to your submission

We will publish and feature your press release on our home page and within the Press Release section; as well as list it within other categories and parts of the site which are fully searchable using keywords and tags via our top navigation bar.

Note : Due to the increased demand and popularity of our press release service, we typically ‘review and approve’ submissions within 6hrs of receiving them, however, in some cases the approval process can take up to 24hrs (depending on the demand that day) so please take that into account and plan accordingly.

If you have a specific time (or) date that you require your press release to be published, then please express that urgency (with a note at the bottom of your release) letting us know and we will do everything in our power to accommodate you.


You can send your payment of $2,500 to the following address :



  • If you have paid with BTC (or) ETH you ‘must‘ include your ‘Transaction ID‘ with your submission, so that we can verify your payment alongside your Press Release. This will ensure your article is featured on our home page and press release section (Prime positioning).
  • If you submit a Press Release ‘without’ sending payment, then sadly your press release will not be published on the cryptotelegraph website, sorry.
  • You can also send your Press Release directly to our news desk too. If you wish to use this method; Please send it to : Pressreleases @ cryptotelegraph .com (Please include your BTC / ETH Transaction ID; otherwise your Press Release will be disregarded and not published on our site).

Press Release Submission

All Articles are manually vetted prior to being published on
Preferred image width (880px). Max upload size 1MB
You will be credited as the author
We solely use your email to communicate with you regarding your submission. Note : Your email will also be published alongside your press release for others to see too.
To add multiple tags. Please use a comma after each word e.g. Bitcoin, BTC, Crypto, Blockchain
If you have paid with BTC you must include your 'Transaction ID' with your submission so that we can verify your payment alongside your press release.
If you have paid with ETH you must include your 'Transaction ID' with your submission so that we can verify your payment alongside your press release.
By submitting your press release and email address, you are agreeing to our

Privacy Policy terms and conditions.

If you have any questions or issues with your press release submission, Please feel free to contact us via [email protected] and we will reply as soon as possible. (Normally within 24hrs)


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