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Bitcoin price Analysis – Bitcoin (BTC) ran hard this week and now appears to be taking a breather and consolidating; or receding to double bottom near $3,200.


What a week! The stock market is closing in on the worst week in a decade. The American government is on the verge of a ‘shut down’ that could extend over the Christmas holidays, Brexit is still happening, Italy can’t manage their debt, and France has been under siege by ‘Yellow Jacket’ protesters for weeks.

Clearly, the world is in a tizzy.

Fortunately, things are looking up for in the world of crypto. Bakkt is on the verge of launching, Bitcoin and Ethereum reclaimed a swath of recently lost territory, and a handful of notable analysts are suddenly feeling quite bullish about crypto’s prospects for 2019.


BTC 4HR Bitcoin Chart

As mentioned above, after a decent 30% move this week, Bitcoin price $3970.92 +1.81% extended above the 200-MA and the 23.6% Fib retracement level to reach $4,172 twice. The current rally appears to have reached a point of exhaustion and bitcoin is pulling back from its high at $4,172.

The pattern of lower lows had been broken but the sharp upward move is still entirely indicative of a trend change as the current range is still far removed from where bitcoin was trading a month ago.

WEEKLY CHART (Bitcoin Price Analysis)

BTC Weekly Chart

The weekly chart shows that the bearish downtrend is still in full effect. Early birds might keep watch for a daily higher low and higher high to follow through on the 4hr chart. Keeping a close eye on volume would be wise.

There is a bullish cross on the MACD, and the RSI has turned upward after being flatlined in oversold territory for some time, both oscillators are worth keeping an eye on as well.

Possible correction targets are near the 200-MA ($3,900), which is also aligned with the 23.6% Fib Retracement level and also at $3,700 – $3,600.

BTC price has slightly dropped below the 20MA and it appears that the coming days will bring a bit of consolidation. But the possibility of waning trading volume over the weekend and next week’s holiday could mean any drastic media announcements of market moves could easily cause Bitcoin to double bottom in the $3,100 – $3,200 zone.


Daily BTC Shorts (Bitcoin Shorts)

Open short positions on Bitfinex have dropped from the most recent all-time high and off the cuff observation is that each time BTC shorts near 40,000 there is a squeeze of varying degree.

Generally, bears remain confident and the high number of shorts supports this. As BTC pulls back and consolidates over the next 24-48 hrs, traders could keep an eye on BTC shorts to see if they slap back on at the more recent top $4,172.

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That would be the first golden crossover on the three-day chart since early February 2016. CoinDesk reported on a golden cross for bitcoin’s daily chart back in April.

Seasoned traders often refer to that long-term bull market signal as a lagging indicator. After all, the MA studies are based on historical data and tend to lag prices, which also means they have limited predictive abilities at best.

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Satoshi Studio Launches First Ever Blockchain-Certified Sneakers


Paris, 30th of May 2019. French brand Satoshi Studio announces the launch of their first sneakers. The Satoshi_one is the first pair of shoes certified on the Ethereum blockchain. More high-end products will come from Satoshi Studio thanks to their innovative financing campaigns.

Satoshi Studio was founded in 2018. The Parisian brand is influenced by the Tech industry and Crypto culture. It aims to create a place for itself as a reasonably priced high-end brand. To reach that goal, it will not use traditional channels of communication, striving instead to connect directly with its young and tech-focused community.

To be able to regularly offer new products and avoid traditional seasonality, the brand will launch several crowdfunding campaigns per year. Satoshi Studio believes in responsible shopping habits: they will only produce the right amount, no more, no less. The sneakers will be offered at a reasonable price, without compromising on quality.

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Lucas Goldlust
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Compound interest might be the most powerful force in the universe, but FOMO can’t be far behind, especially as it relates to bitcoin.

We’ve seen the “fear of missing out” contribute to a nosebleed rise in the price of bitcoin BTCUSD, before, and Fundstrat’s Thomas Lee believes we’re about to see it play out again — but even more pronounced.

The outspoken bitcoin backer told clients this week the world’s top cryptocurrency could ride a wave of FOMO all the way up to $40,000 “within a few months,” thanks to better transparency and a breach of the psychological $10,000 barrier.

He pointed to Grayscale Bitcoin Trust GBTC, as a great way to partake in a rally that would be most welcomed by the crypto bulls who had to suffer through a 74% drop in the price of bitcoin last year.

“Bottom line: Crypto winter looks over,” Lee said….

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